Sciatica Pain Treatment in Delhi

Sciatica is the name of a pain starting from the back and going down the leg .the name has been given because of the name of the nerve ,which start from the spine and goes down the leg, up to the toes. so any condition which irritates the sciatic nerve will cause sciatic pain or sciatica
There can be medical causes of sciatca like diabetes melitis or deficiency of vitamins like vitamin B12,  it can be secondary to lead poisoning or polyneuropathy due to many other diseases. It can be secondary to smoking and alcoholism there can be many other internal  diseases of the nerves causing sciatica like demyelinating diseases.  Sciatica Pain Treatment in Delhi
Most common surgical reasons for sciatica are compression of sciatic nerve or it's branches (as it is composed off L4,5,S1,2,3 nerves) by slipped disc , spinal stenosis, spinal tumours spinal trauma and the spinal infections etc.
The diagnosis is made clinically or the gold standard is the magnetic resonance imaging or MRI , the electrophysiological studies in form of NCV and EMG are also helpful in differentiating the surgical from medical causes of sciatica. It is very disabling and maybe associated with numbness and Weakness of the leg . patient may even have foot drop,(inability to lift the foot )or even loss of control over the bowel and the bladder.
Sciatica Pain Treatment
Medical treatment of the sciatica would be medicines for pain and Inflammation & medicines to take care of neuropathic pain ,besides treating the medical diseases or deficiencies, causing sciatica.
the surgical treatment of sciatica  would be according to the cause of this pain and to decompress that sciatic nerve by removing the offending disc or the stenosis segment or by removing the compression by tumour,  infection or trauma.
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