Laser/RF Discectomy

Radiofrequency and laser are amazing modalities used for the treatment of backache and neck pain.
By  laser, we can modulate the hearniated disk and permanently treat the backache by just introducing a needle and laser fibre, through it.
The procedure is done under fluoroscopy.   It is also used to block the medial branch nerves,  carrying the backache sensations to the brain.
Radiofrequency also works like laser, although the effects are short lived. It is also used to treat degenerative back pain or neck pain, by ablation of pain carrying nerves, to the facet joints and sacroiliac joints or the painful disk.
These are latest minimally invasive technologies, performed under local anaesthesia, using needles and fluoroscopy.
These are out patient procedure with instant relief and return to work.
There is no risk of  complications like bleeding, infection, paralysis, nerve damage etc and patient is discharged on the same evening.