Injections For Backache

(Precutaneous)Injection treatment of backache:

Injection treatment is very effective in various Spine diseases. The benifit of Injection is that it carries the medicine to the side of pain generation and pathology. This injection are very effective to tide over the acute phase and provide sustained relief in many. Being such a minor procedure they should always be given a chance before advising a surgery. These injection besides therapeutic have diagnostic value also and help in establishing the pain generators. Inejctions are mostly steroids mix with local anesthetic agents and are used mostly as follows:

  • 1.Epidural injections for slip disc and backaches given mostly in cervical and lumbar spine.
  • 2.Nerve root blocks, for radiculopathies and Slip Disc. 
  • 3.Needle branch block for Neck and Back pain.
  • 4.Facetal blocks and sacroiliac injections for backache. 
  • 5.Para Sympathetic blocks. 
  • 6.Intercoastal and other nerve blocks. 
  • These injection may be followed by radio frequency or laser Nerve ablations for permanent relief.