Slip Disc

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Our spine is like a long chain of square vertebrae with intervening flexible rubber like disc. We have about 33 vertebrae and as many discs. Human spine provides erect posture and also, it protects the main nerves called spinal cord which lies inside in a canal and yet it is flexible and can bend in every direction. The flexibility of spine is given by the discs which are like a washer between the two vertebrae and has jelly like texture in the center and tough peripheral wall. We may compare it with a tyre of a car. It provides flexibility, absorbs the shock and loading of spine but on injury and even in routine activities its wall can rupture and the central material can herniated out this is called disc herniations herniated disc compress the nerves and causes neck pain with arm pain ( in cervical spine or back pain radiating to leg, in lumbar spine). This pain may be associated with weakness, numbness and heaviness etc. In late cases there can be loss of control over urine and stool. Best Slip Disc Doctor in Delhi
Most patients may resolve with conservative management but in form of bed rest. Medicines like analgesics and muscles relaxants heat which is called physiotherapy and exercises. These may be supplemented with spinal injections called epidural injections or other minimally invasive techniques like analoplasty nucoplasty idet but about 10 to 15 % of patients will ultimately require surgical treatment which is essentially the nerve decompression by discectomy them to relief pressure of the nerve by removing the herniated disc of earlier .This pressure to disc removal was done by open methods called laminectomy. This was associated with complications. Gold spinal treatment has so far open microdiscectomy using a microscope but now minimally invasive like percutanious endoscopic discectomy are the best treatment for slip disc .Patients without complications like bleeding or infection and early functional recovering (we specialized in providing this latest treatment for slip disc patient at Golden Spine Institute Rohini, Delhi have so far performed more than 1000 cases successfully with excellent results. best slip disc doctor in delhi).