Best Backache Doctor in Delhi

Backache is an epidemic. it is experienced in 80% of population at least once in their lifetime. It is 3rd most common reason for the people to visit the doctor and it is the second most common surgery performed in the word after cardiac surgerys. It maybe acute or chronic .the most common reason off blackpain is the strain  and the sprain  of the back ,caused by the minor traumas of daily life.
The other causes of backache can be degenerative slipped disc infections tumours arthritis of the back the most common being ankylosing spondylitis metabolic osteoporosis and Referred pain from abdomen
The red flags which required immediate attention are the backpain associated with neurological deficit  Or loss of control over the Bowel and bladder ,associated with fever ,associated with loss of weight and  night pains, sever injury, with comorbid conditions like HIV diabetes , chronic backpain.  Best Backache Doctor in Delhi
Such backaches associated with the red flags must be totally investigated and treated immediatly because they are dangerous and likely to end up with complications
Symptoms of backache are the pain in the back or the neck and the pain can radiate down to the arms or legs and it can be associated with numbness ,loss of power and tingling sensations. in the later stages it can be associated with loss of control over urination and stools.
The most common cause of backache is the slip disc which is recognised by backache and pain going down the leg . It may or may not be associated with numbness tingling and loss of power in the leg and pain increases with forward flexion prolonged sitting and exercises.
We must consult our doctor if the pain doesn't improve within  one week to 10 days with medicines and rest, because it can be serious and may end up in serious complications .
always contact an experienced dedicated spine surgeon , for correct diagnosis and latest treatment, as treatment modalities are fast changing, new technology comming in everyday.
85% of the backache improve without surgery just by medicines physiotherapy and modification of their lifestyle or may be with injections.
The patients who do not improve with non-operative measures may require surgery which is very minimally invasive these days and there is no need of fear of complications like paralysis .the patients can be operated even under local Anastasia like with transforaminal endoscopes, Where patient can watch his surgery on the TV monitors and experience the relief of pain,right on the table. the other minimally invasive procedures are laser and radio-frequency assistant surgeries, injection techniques , balloon kyphoplasty for fragility fractures & tumors, MIS spinalbfusions , using percutaneous screw fixations , percutaneous interspinous devices for spinal stenosis etc
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